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Mother and Child

Current Situation

Global stats show that 20-40% of bills shouldn't be incurred. This trend extends to Africa, where healthcare fraud is rampant, reaching 50%. These issues hinder access to primary healthcare due to unreliable beneficiary identification and paperwork causing payment delays.

Mother and Child

Our Solution

The mother-and-child solution holds substantial importance for both governments and NGOs. It serves as a potent tool for improving maternal health, a crucial element of public healthcare agendas. By harnessing digital interventions, this platform addresses a vulnerable stage in healthcare, focusing on the well-being of both mothers and children. It encourages and enforces adherence to pre- and post-natal clinic visits, a fundamental aspect of maternal care, through biometrically incentivised strategies.

Governments and NGOs can benefit from this solution by significantly reducing maternal and child mortality rates, enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services, and advancing public health initiatives. It aligns with their objectives to create healthier, more resilient communities and societies.